Paridise garage

Paradise Garage 1977-1987

The Paradise Garage

The Paradise Garage was a legendary club which was located at 84 King Street, New York City from 1977 till 1987. I spent a good part of my earlier years partying there on Friday nights till  early Saturday mornings.  This club made New York's flavor of underground dance music what it is today. The master of the night at the Garage was Dj Larry Levan, he was  the regular DJ from the very beginning to the last night. Michael Brody was its founder, Richard Long made its sound system. David Depino, Joey Llanos and David Morales used to spin also, and Michael De Benedictus played live keyboards during Larry's sets. After 11 years the Paradise Garage threw its final party on September 26th, 1987. Owner Michael Brody says the club had to close because protests from the Soho community kept his lease from being renewed. "They don't want a black club in their neighborhood," says Brody. All I know the Garage was the best club I have ever been to in my life and I will never forget those great parties for the rest of my life.



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