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The king of New York House music, David Morales, deserves his place among the legends of the House scene. His remixing is legendary. U2, Mariah Carey and Jamiroquai are all prime examples of just what this man and his mixing desk can do.

Despite being as famous for his DJing as his remixing, Morales does not even consider himself to be a DJ :

When I say I don't consider myself a DJ, I don't mean I'm no longer playing out. I play records because I love to and I want to share my love of music with others. I don't do the DJing for money because the DJing is not what pays my bills. The remixing and producing does that. I do the DJing because I have something to offer. I could be forty years of age and still have it in me.

David's roots are firmly in New York. Indeed he was one of the first DJs in New York to play House music. He feels that it was around 1985 that the House boom started. His first two House records were from Chicago. One was 'JM Silk' and the other was the seminal classic 'Like This' by Chip.E.

Despite being a DJ for so long, Morales still has the ability and the passion to surprise himself and his audience :

I like to create a trip for people, a voyage. I never know what I'm doing, so it's like a voyage for me too. I'll start here and end up there and wow!

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"Remixer of the year 99"


Finally (April, 1999)

David Morales doesn't have to wait for his Grammy anymore (except to have it delivered)

David Morales has just won the Grammy for Remixer of the Year, but clubland already knows him as the house pioneer behind an endless discography of dance classics. Morales, 37 grew up spinning at parties in his native Brooklyn and worked his way up to the Red Zone in Manhattan and then into the recording studio. In 1989, he formed the production company Def Mix with his beloved manager, Judy Weinstein, and musical soulmates Satoshi Tomiie and Frankie Knuckles-who won the Grammy in the same category, giving Def Mix the monopoly on the new award. Morales' remix masterpieces include: "Finally" by CeCe Peniston; "Stroblight Honey" by Black Sheep; "Lemon" by U2; "Who do u love" by Deborah Cox; "Here we go again" by Aretha Franklin; and "Dream Lover" by Mariah Carey. Hi is Carey's exclusive remixer. His 1998 single "Needin' You" went Top 10 in Europe, yet the more successful Marales become, the more fiercely he defends the underground. Morales spends more time spinning in Europe than he does at home, but you can catch his occasional appearance at Vinyl. Curling up on a leather sofa in the flatiron offices on Def Mix and Definity Records, Morales gave us his take on what music is and what it should be.

 By Austin Downey for HX Magazine
Photos by Kent Pell

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