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Live@Halcyon,NYC 0or click here to Download 5/13/2000

Soulful House or click here to Download 1/15/2000

Mixed By Markus Rice

( for promotional use only)

Song List For Live@Halcyon,NYC 05/2000

Thank you to GrooveTV website for posting my mix

"So Flute" St. Germain

"Release" Afro Celt Project

"Wishing you were here" Blaze

"Shackles" Mary Mary

"Tempermentel" ETBTG

"Englishman in NY" Sting remix

"Soda Walker" Force Tracks

"Thur The Skies" Kenlou5

"Brazilian Beats" MAW MIX fet Liliana


Song List For Soulful Mix 01/2000

I would like to thank Tony Cano@ for posting my mix.

1. "Sunshine"  Afro Art Test

2. "Ain't no runnin away" Paula Ralph

3. " Without you" Dannie Scott

4. "Love, Love, Love, (Seirra Leone vocal) Those Guy's

5. "IN"  Femi Kuti

6. "One note samba" Boogalu  fet. Frankie Feliciana

7. "Big Love" Pete Heller Miami Winter Conference 99

8. "Good inside" Unit 46

9. "Cosmic Girl" Jamiroquai

10. "Looking at you" Peelo

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