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Referred to as many as "The Godfather of House", Frankie Knuckles is the creator. In a world today where it seems that millions follow the hip-hop/rap/r&b scene and where hundreds of thousands others are into the alternative scene, there are still many more millions into house. And the house has grown since it was first built. New stories have been added to the house - garage, techno, handbag, acid house etc - all came from the strong foundations of house...
Frankie Knuckles currently plays 8 hour sets at the Sound Factory Bar each Friday. He has played countless other clubs before residing here though - including the legendary ones (which he helped make legendary): Better Days (the place where Robert Clivilles and the late David Cole met), The Warehouse (where many say house got it's name from), the Paradise Garage, amongst many others. Around 1979, while Knuckles was playing at The Warehouse, Frankie was the hottest DJ at the hottest underground club. He is still as hot as ever, just recently releasing a new album alongside diva Adeva, with the first hot single "Too Many Fish" containing remixes by the all the def Def Mixers: legend David Morales, Satoshi Tomiie, the up-and-coming Bobby D'Ambrosio and Knuckles himself. Many inside the music industry have credited him as the master, the creator, the one and only.


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