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Welcome to the Crib Crew Home Page 

We came to be in the late 1970's and Partied through the 80"s.

We were just a group of hard partying guys from Brooklyn, who loved music and loved to party at some of the truly great clubs in NYC like the Inferno, The Star ship, Bonds, Studio 54,The Ozone layer, Zanzibar, Gotham East and West (remember the raid?), And last but not least the best club I have ever had the chance to experience The PARADISE GARAGE. The Crib Crew members are Markus Rice, Eddie (Neil) Padilla, D.J. Duran (of city dreams prod.), Brian Cordona, Juan (John-John) Hernandez, and last but not least Doc. We also threw a lot of parties back in the day. But as time went by we slowly drifted apart. But over the years we stayed in touch with each other and recently decided to get back together and try to put some free parties together. House Music is not dead it just got lost along the way and we are here to help it find its way back into your hearts. So take a look around I have a lot of thing's pertaining to the house music scene, Club's, D.J's, and  Music mixes done by some of the hottest Jock's out there and links to the hottest House Music sites and on-line record stores. 

We are starting to put together a mailing list for our upcoming parties in the Brooklyn N.Y. area.  

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contact: info@cribcrew@hotmail.com

I would like to thank:

UndergroundNYC.Com and Jamie D.
for the music clips on this site.

Tomoko (who designed the green dancer and the Body and soul site art work )

Tina Paul  (For the Picture of larry Levan)

Keith Haring Foundation Fliers and red dancers  

Music on this site Is "For promotional use only"

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